About Maine Professional Network 'MPN'

Maine Professional Network is a group of business people who meet once a week to talk about their products and services and share business leads and referrals.


195 Maine Mall Road
South Portland, Maine
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Every Tuesday at 7:45 am
The meeting is usually done by 9:00 am

About the Meeting:

•    7:45 am    Open Networking
•    8:00 am    Breakfast:  Sit-down breakfast ordered from IHOPs menu.  Because we don’t pay a room fee, everyone is required to order breakfast or a minimum charge will apply.
•    We go around the table and each individual has one minute to talk about their business.
•    Each week one member is featured and gives a 10 minute presentation about their business.
•    Because it is the same group of people who meet each week, we become very familiar with each other’s products and services, and keep each other  in mind for leads and referrals while conducting our day to day business.
•    At the end of the meeting, we pass each other leads and referrals that we have gathered during the week.


All types of businesses are welcome to come and represent their products and services.  Only one member is allowed from any one type of business, as determined by our membership committee.
•    Cost to Join:  $150/year
•    Visiting:  Any interested business people are encouraged to visit, up to two times prior to joining

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